1. Wick Upstate Travel Candle Quad Gift Set

Wick Upstate Travel Candle Quad Gift Set

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Wick Upstate Travel Candle Quad Gift Set

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: 1027-P-MK009244

Everybody deserves to have some nice candles around — and not just for date night. This box is all about stocking up on the good stuff so you can have one burning all the time, making your space as chilled out and relaxing as you’d like it to be after a long day.

These candles are all-natural, made from only sustainable soy wax and essential oils, with lead-free cotton wicks. They’re all made in the USA, inspired by the scents and sights of upstate New York and housed in handsome jars you can reuse after the wax is spent.

Kingston Candle - This one builds on a woodsy balsam and cedar base with fresher notes of citrus, rosemary, and kadota fig. That all adds up to a profile grounded in spicy, smoked wood, but lightened up a bit with sweeter, fruit-forward undertones.

Beacon Candle - The Beacon candle is a best-seller, rich with notes of dark rum, cherry, vanilla, and oak to create a nice, woodsy profile. It's warm, sweet, and smoky all at once — in the best possible way.

Hunter Candle - While the Beacon errs a bit sweeter, the Hunter blend leans into the musky side of things. It uses smoked vetiver and birch with hints of patchouli and deep forest moss to create the aroma of a log cabin deep in the Catskills after a few days of hard, heavy rain.

Rhinebeck Candle - The Rhinebeck is the newest of the bunch, rounding out the set with notes of bourbon, oakmoss, amber, and cedar. The essential oil blend yields a profile that finds just the right spot between woodsy backforest notes and sweeter hints of American whiskey.